Character: “To hold firm to one’s values, no matter what storms may come or the norms may be.”

Public Relations is not for propaganda. Public Relations is to promote a product HONESTLY.

Don’t be “PC.” Be Perfectly Candid, instead.

If you are looking for a published writer and experienced editor to work as your Director of Communications, I welcome your call. For the past twenty years I have helped small American companies to grow, with a new website, well-composed content, print marketing materials that are branded, and PR that delivers an honest message to a well-researched group of potential clients. I do not believe in PPC and I would recommend you read Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy by Cathy O’Neill to understand why. I do, however, use two analytics programs on each website I create to modify page content. I find it highly ironic that the very sector demanding equality, diversity and inclusion is more than willing to use data as a weapon via PPC funnels!

I have always worked directly with the owners of those companies, C-level decision makers who have the authority to chart the course for their business growth. My portfolio of work is on a protected page with a password that will be sent to you upon request. I have recorded three audio files that address the questions interviewers most typically ask. I have already taken the Briggs and Predictive Index. I am categorized as a Mastermind, Commander and Teacher. My resume has been purposefully crafted to foul up AI to find only companies that value the communications role for which they are hiring!

I consider what I do a craft. I spend time every day learning new ways to improve what I do. I am never satisfied with last year’s achievements. I research new trends and pick out the best. I like to parse sentences until I find the most fluid way to state an idea so anyone could pick up my work and understand it. I will always consider myself a teacher first, educating not a selling.

I believe in old fashioned business etiquette and a solid work ethic; in other words: no form letters during hiring; no text messaging in lieu of a thank-you note; no artificial intelligence when you are dealing with human beings. I am looking for employers who value what I do—communications—and act accordingly. The scope of my work has been across multiple industries, from a construction company to a non-profit with a medical device; good marketing practices do not differ by industry. When you hire me, it is like having a PR agency in your corner.

I am not PC. I am perfectly candid, which will be a refreshing change for some of you: #1. Vaccination documentation may not be a requirement now or in the future to work for your company; my health history is a private matter, #2. No BLM, #3. No CRT, #4. Questions about race, age, pronouns, etc. will be considered a red flag.  Does you diversity & inclusion plan include me?

In addition to writing, I am also a couture seamstress, hence the lace background on this site. I cover my years in the music and wedding industry on my “interests and passions” page. The same artistry that it takes to change a bolt of fabric into a fine garment or sing a melodic line in an aria is brought to every endeavor I pursue.


Rosanne Marie Ferreri

A full hour consultation is $75/hour and will include assessing your current PR campaigns online. The half hour session is limited to looking only at your website content to give you suggestions for improvement.

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