Rose Ferreri


I define character as “holding firm to one’s values, no matter what storms may come or the norms may be.”

A norm only means 51% of the people agree to the terms. What if they are all lemmings?

My career began as a secondary Language Arts teacher and I have used every skill required in the classroom, teaching 7th-12th grade ELA, to work with adults. The ability to take complex ideas and break them down for all to use is a practical skill.

My leadership has put unknown companies on the first page of Google, without having to use expensive PPC funnels. I possess a growth mindset, which means I constantly think of new ways to grow your business, so you are not redundant. I brainstorm new donors, new clients, new events that might dovetail into what you are doing in a complementary manner.

I have directed a staff of fifty as an event manager, reviewed and approved contracts and negotiated costs with vendors, engaged in fundraising for a medical product, written manuals to teach people how to use a product or service, directed all marketing efforts in print and online, designed the websites for each, and composed content for 20 start-up companies.

I am also a published author of two booksthe first is a Roman à clef, about the NWO globalist reset that threatens our national sovereignty, under a pseudonym, and my labor of love called Redacted, No Longer! about the women of the Old Testament and New who defied the male leaders of their time, followed God instead, and saved society from utter catastrophe. I am currently teaching a class on creative writing using The Last Human by Lee Bacon. It seems strangely appropriate for our dystopian times…

My husband, Chuck, is a USMC veteran and former Military Police Officer. We respect our national ensign, our Constitution and Bill of Rights! We detest the idea of a one-world government and cashless society.. All lives matter, including the unborn; critical race theory is an apostasy, our freedom and liberties come from God and not our government [that is what makes them inalienable], and there is no such thing as gender fluidity. God made them–male and female. Artificial anything, including AI, is inferior to the human brain and I would never agree to be vaxxed to work in any workplace, nor chipped.