Welcome, American Entrepreneurs, who are working to Make America Great Again…

I am a firm believer in entrepreneurship and small business growth. I think it is the bedrock of our country. Since 1993, my focus has always been on American-based, American-staffed, street-corner and online-only businesses with under 50 employees. I work to put them in the spotlight with publicity and promotion to outshine the rest. I also have to brand new MAGA Now & Forever products below.


  • Aging in Place: Respect for Elderly
  • Blog Creation and Content
  • Business Blueprints for Startups
  • Booking Radio and TV spots
  • Classical and Jazz Musician Promotion
  • Compiling data for presentations and seminars
  • Conservation
  • Conservative Reporter and Corruption Investigator
  • Copywriting, Editing & Proofing
  • Directing Interviews & Photoshoots
  • FB, Twitter, IG [not CCP-owned TikTok]
  • Ghostwriting Articles
  • Homeopathy & Natural Cures
  • “Made in America” Campaigns
  • Memoir Ghostwriting
  • Narration for Videos
  • Organic Farming & Anti-GMO projects
  • Organic Marketing & Strategizing
  • Petcare for Dogs & Cats
  • Pro-life Campaigns
  • Research, Analysis, A/B trials
  • Second Amendment Campaigns
  • Script Writing for Presentations
  • Solar Energy
  • WordPress & Weebly Website Content & Design
  • Writing Book Reviews
  • Writing National Press Releases
  • Video and podcast creation


  • $55-$65/hour depending upon scope of project
  • $45/hour for all non-profit projects related to children

Note: I will not be signing a “non-compete” unless you hire me to work FT for your company alone as an employee w/benefits.

Audio Introduction 2/8/2023

Biggest Pet Peeves: Procrastinators in management roles who through their own delay cause all around them to wear a fireman’s hat…and the Reckless, who spurt and dash in 500 directions with equal speed and no concept of the final destination.

PI and Briggs peg me as a Persuader and a Commander.

Half-Hour Business Strategizing Session

Half-Hour Business Strategizing Session


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One-Hour Intensive Business Strategizing Session

One-Hour Intensive Business Strategizing Session


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Gym Bag w/Stitched Logo

Gym Bag w/Stitched Logo


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Cotton Tote

Cotton Tote


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If your product/service serves those 60+, there are marketing opportunities to put you in the spotlight at my new launch, The New 60: www.thenew60.com for conservatives with Made in America products!

My portfolio is shown by request to those of similar values and aims. Use the contact page and you will receive a prompt callback between strategizing sessions.