Portfolio: Shown by Request


Director of Growth for Patriotic American Companies

God Bless America

I have worn multiple hats and been given many titles over the course of my career. In sum, I help businesses grow from see idea to launch. The new name for that is capture manager. I have directed a staff of 50 to produce lucrative events, reviewed and approved contracts and negotiated cost with vendors, crafted effective letters for fundraising at a non-profit, outlined in detail manuals to teach people how to use a product or service, directed all marketing efforts on social media, in print and online, designed the websites for each, and written a majority of the content on all of those sites. I created a Blueprint for Success and an online directory for female entrepreneurs that taught the most efficient way to run a business and how to incorporate blogs, podcasts, videos, automated correspondence with newsletters, landing pages, PR and social media in thirteen monthly lessons. I have directed the launch of 22 companies and their onsite presence since 1993.

My career actually began as a secondary English Language Arts teacher and I have used the ability to create curriculum and hold a group’s attention ever since. My leadership has put unknown companies on the first page of Google, based on content. There are two ways to gain clients; the first I detest—it forces people down a very tight PPC funnel where “influencers” use high pressure sales tactics and force people to buy; the second is the one I use daily—creating content that answers questions buyers actually have about what your do or the products you sell. Well-written content eases fears and brings light into dark corners. I also brainstorm new donors, new clients, new events that might dovetail into what you are doing in a complementary manner.

My leadership style fosters professionalism, innovation, trust in management, openness to share ideas, and accountability. My rule is simple: if you accept it, finish it, and I expect others to do the same. I have just completed four major projects—a political campaign for a NC legislator, website content projects for US Marine Corps Leagues, and a children’s book author’s PR campaign, and a new curriculum for a private international school, based on The Last Human by Lee Bacon. I most recently placed the author on the nationally syndicated Author’s Show. My focus is on companies that are in the USA, believe American-made is best, and support American families. Not only is this good for national security reasons, it’s good for the middle class!

I work with those who can take this pledge:  www.redballoon.work The best time to reach me is at day’s end from 4-5 pm EST.  Send no links to online PI “tests” from ZipRecruiter or Indeed; I have a compiled an extensive portfolio that serves that purpose; it shown by request and contains twenty marketing campaigns, articles, press releases, videos, personality test result for PI and Briggs, even podcasts answering the three most asked hiring questions.

I will under no circumstances be getting the mRNA vax or boosters: Watch Dr. Carrie Madej – The Battle For Humanity: Transhumanism & Vaccines –


I would like to CONGRATULATE the Supreme Court on three decisions this month: 1. ) overturning Roe v. Wade which was a major overreach on the part of the court in 1973, 2.) allowing a coach to pray on bended knee before a game, and 3.) siding with parents against school boards that are flagrantly breaking GEPA 438, enacted under former President, Ronald Reagan: https://www.everycrsreport.com/reports/R41119.html 🙏 We knew you could do it!

FYI: GEPA, Section 438. Prohibition Against Federal Control of Education
This section clarifies that no provision of any applicable program is intended to authorize the federal government to exercise any “direction, supervision, or control over the curriculum, program of instruction, administration, or personnel of any educational institution, school, or school system,” or over the selection of “library resources, textbooks, or other printed or published instructional materials by any educational institution or school system.” Additionally, no provision of any applicable program shall be construed to authorize the federal government to require “the assignment or transportation of students or teachers in order to overcome racial imbalance.” Those of you interested in education will find the following article by Alan Caruba quite enlightening: http://parentadvocates.org/nicecontent/dsp_printable.cfm?articleID=7613