My 2022-2024 Platform

I am working on a GOP campaign in 2022, and I plan to run for office in 2024, since so many conservatives lack the SPINE to take a stand on key issues:

  1. Eradicate Critical Race Theory in schools and the workplace. Make it illegal to push the concept than any race is superior/inferior or holding anyone back.
  2. Eradicate all forced diversity and inclusion programs in HR departments across the USA which ask discriminatory questions in order to hire only those who are woke and pro-NWO. Remove all race, gender, pronoun, ethnic background, age and veteran questions. No deference to any one group. That is a level playing field.
  3. Eradicate Censorship of conservatives on social media and in the news with a punishing $5,000/occurrence fine. Censorship is an illness that has infected our free and open society. We must not tolerate propaganda disguised as news.
  4. Eradicate globalist NWO mindset, call it what it is: Dishonor of Homeland, and return to Patriotism, Nationalism and America First. The UN and WEF have undermined our society with a globalist disaster known as Agenda 21/BBB/Build Back Better. We need to cut out the cancer and restore our nation to full health.
  5. Eradicate all transgenderism teaching in public schools. Make it illegal to teach perversion and relieve all teachers of their post when they encourage sex gender surgery. This is child abuse.
  6. Eradicate the CRISPR change-the-human-genome project. It is amoral to cut up baby parts and use them to make Frankenstein science experiments called “chimeras.” We don’t need “humanized mice” and we don’t need to irreparably alter the genome God gave to humanity.
  7. Eradicate all questions about race, gender, pronouns, deference to LGBQT or ethnic background on job applications. Make these questions illegal and $5,000 per occurrence. The deference to the woke between 20-30 years of age that has occurred in 2020 and 2021 via HR managers and their misnamed “diversity programs” is another form of discrimination and is therefore patently illegal.
  8. Eradicate cashless society mindset. Every nation should have its own currency. We do not need to create a new one-world money so the top banking families make even more money to fix up the castles that they put under the category of “farming” and have the potential to capsize the entire world in a day. Too big to fail must be cancelled. Nobody is too big to fail.
  9. Eradicate wokeism in the military. Two genders only. If you don’t know if you are male or female, don’t apply. We don’t need confused people in foxholes.
  10. Eradicate “free money” mindset. Balance our budget nationally, as families do. There is no such thing as “free”; there is an offset of cost, time, energy to do everything.
  11. Eradicate Digital ID, vaccine passports and any attempt to chip people to track their medical history. Medical privacy must be reinstated. We don’t need CEOs taking out pauper policies on their employees, capitalizing on injury and death. No employer has a need to know about anything in your health history.
  12. Eradicate government control of school curriculum. That is illegal according to GEPA. No government agency can dictate what is taught in any public or private school. End of discussion. Parents determine what is taught with the teachers they hire for their school.
  13. Eradicate any attempt to alter the 2nd amendment; we have a right to protect ourselves from imminent threat, by lethal force, if necessary.
  14. Eradicate climate change hysteria; it is a fake narrative to push AI technology owned by those the WEF who stand to profit handsomely from the changeover. Scientists say climate change doesn’t exist.
  15. Eradicate by lethal injection all who participated in the making of AIDs, Covid, the Bird Flu, Ebola, and other biological warfare weapons made for the purpose of genocide. Those that engage in genocide deserve it themselves.
  16. Make attending the WEF to discuss altering the world into a one-world NWO government a federal crime. Those that attend flagrantly break the Logan Act, representing our country in ways the majority of citizens have not agreed upon.
  17. Eradicate all attempts to take away property rights. Property is not a burden; it is the foundation of American society. I see no reason for those in the WEF to own all land and homes, making the masses into renters for life.
  18. Eradicate all attempts to end US energy independence with forced dependence on foreign oil. Not just No, but Hell No! We want America to succeed not Saudi Arabia.
  19. Eradicate all voting machines. Return to hand ballots that are marked and saved for recounts. All voting areas must have cameras on 24-7 over every table and covering every area of the room. All four parties—GOP, Dem, Green and Libertarian—must have an agent present in each voting room to stop shyster behavior during voting and counting.
  20. Beef and Poultry Industry must be strengthened and rewarded for ORGANIC free-range animal husbandry. We have incisors and were designed to eat meat. The demand for plant-based diet is solely based on the digital printers owned by those who attend the WEF who stand to profit handsomely from the transition.
  21. Fine all social media companies for cancelling accounts that opposed their FAKE narratives on covid and the “reset.” Fine GOOGLE for redacting data on a daily basis so they could say “that does not exist.” Redacting the truth has consequences. They can afford a hefty fine, making $5,700/second on their PPC Ponzi scheme.
  22. It is up to women to make rape, abortion and pedophilia a crime worth the death penalty. In 4,000 years in leadership roles men have yet to make the protection of women and children their TOP priority.