I have created materials intended for those who are as young as three, for a children’s book series and those in their golden years, for TheNew60.com. My skill set marketing online and in print has covered a wide range of industries, from arthritis pet supplements to a welding tool to prevent white finger, the wedding industry in NC and TN to home construction, political campaign to Marine Corps Leagues, a musician’s library of concertos to psychotherapy. My approach has been consistent and successful for all of them.

I actually began my business in 1993 as Concise Editing, performing only developmental editing and writing of children’s book reviews; that grew into Online Marketing Lady in 2007, as I created websites for twenty-two small business; then, in 2015, I transitioned to the moniker East Coast Marketing Lady where all of my clients were based. My business acumen includes contract negotiation, video creation, podcasting, fundraising, event design, seminars, publication of three magazines, two guides, two books, websites, social media: FB, Twitter & and SEO. I have put samples of each in my portfolio which is shown by request.

Answering the three typical hiring questions in one tidy spot:

A patriotic, conservative, mature businesswoman and wife to a USMC veteran police officer, I am very transparent about my values, as you will see from the types of projects I have accepted in the past. I have no interest in creating technical manuals for IT.

Types of Projects that are of Strong Interest to Me:

Pro-Life Campaigns
Literacy Campaigns
Small Mom & Pop Businesses
Websites for Craftsmen/women and Artists
Self-Published Authors
Learning & Development Seminars [all ages]
Jazz and Classical Musicians
Conservative Political Campaigns
Organic Marketing Blueprints
Fundraising for Girls’ Associations
Organic Family Farms
Herbal Nutritional Supplements
Any project involving Veterans
NRA and 2nd Amendment Rights
100% American-made products