I began my career in education with a BA from St. Olaf College [tuition is currently $56K], and taught seven daily classes of English Language Arts in grades 7-12 in five MN school districts upon graduation. I additionally taught beginner French, theatre production and public speaking/debate. When I began my family, I chose to stay at home and soon launched a consultant business in 1993 called Concise Editing. I focused solely on editing a master’s thesis and subdividing it into articles to publish, writing book reviews for Kirkus, script writing, creating fundraising letters and databases for grants and developmental editing. When publishing software hit the scene, I learned it and worked as an editor and writer on bi-annual guides and magazines for multiple clients. Then a new stage in marketing took center stage and it was analytical and digital only; I learned SEO, social media, Google analytics and content strategy so my clients would never have to resort to paying to be seen, ie. pay per click. Now in 2023, I am choosing the parts I liked doing the best and content strategizing rises to the top, along with teaching others to become entrepreneurs.


  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cybercoding
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Digital ID/Passports
  • Drug Industry
  • Insurance
  • Transhumanism