I favor all things American…because I am an American.

I would expect people from other countries to cherish their own culture, as much as I do mine. Let us keep all nations as they have been for centuries—unique and sovereign entities—with many languages, monetary systems, and specialty foods.

I want my grandchildren to go to Bavaria and find wienerschitzel falling off both sizes of their plate and beer steins the size of a grain silo. I want them to go to Norway and eat reindeer meat for breakfast with thinly sliced Brunost cheese, just to say they have done it. I want them to eat a dinner exquisitely arranged on one eighth of the plate in France with a sauce that feels like a whole meal in one bite. I want them to eat pasta that is not GMO and meatballs that are not plant based. No self-respecting Italian would want it otherwise!

Dealing in words all day, I have to tell you the term “PC” does not have a positive connotation. In fact, it was created by Chairman Mao to silence dissenters to his hostile regime. So remember that when you are told to be PC in the workplace. Noting that we have learned that secret, those in the NWO are using a new term “digital immunization” for censorship, “solutions journalism” for fact redacting, and “kind” for mandates to accept perverse behavior. I have read and taught the Vonnegut’s short story, “Harrison Bergeron,” and I don’t want equality to mean I’m handicapped by a NWO with birdshot.

It is interesting to me that those that clamor for diversity most are increasing tribalism and moving in lockstep to censor voices not in line with their NWO view. Good luck with that. There are a legion of veterans who will stand in your way, mine included. These veterans fought and died for the freedoms and liberties you now mock by attempting to replace the “USA” with a “NWO.”

Only the Briggs PI has accurately pegged me.

I am a Commander, Mastermind and Teacher. I like to take control of any project I am given, from start to finish, with my sole point person being the CEO, not a board. I work with small businesses with less than ten people, lithe and able to make decisions within 2-3 days. It is so much less stressful. However, I have directed groups of 300-500 vendors for fairs, convention center meetings, seminars and soirees like weddings and business networking dinners w/musicians and a dance floor.

I have been working as a publisher and publicist since 1993, when the internet was first formed, floppy discs were actually floppy, and the infamous broadband dial tone and long wait were the norm. Therefore, I have seen every type of marketing blueprint that exists and I have steered my clients around flash-in-the-pan methods that drain their wallet. Trust me when I say PPC is an analytics Ponzi scheme, for which Google makes $5,700/second. I have launched twenty-two websites, worked as the publisher of three magazines, authored two books, written curriculum or manuals used for those age three to octogenarians, and handled the marketing and PR required to put those companies in the spotlight.

I prefer to work from my home. where I have a private office, window that brings in sunshine, top of the line internet speed, printer, fax and scanner, but I am open to hybrid work. I have taken considerable time selecting and scanning my best projects from 1993-present for you to view. That will have to be the basis upon which you choose to hire me. This volume of work is considerable, so grab a coffee and donut first.

I am a person of traditional family values, a wife to a USMC veteran police officer, mother to two daughters, and grandmother to three. Those I work with must have a strong sense of patriotism for our country, its Constitution and Bill of Rights. I do not subscribe to CRT, or the new 58 pronouns created since Biden took office. I would never teach it and I won’t sign any agreement that includes acceptance or tolerance of it.

I work with those who want an expert they can delegate to with minimal supervision; in other words, someone who is not a fresh college graduate. They are tired of poor quality from outsourced work, and inevitable language and time barriers, and want to bring their labor back home to the USA.

Types of Projects that are of Strong Interest to Me:

Pro-Life Campaigns
Literacy Campaigns
Small Mom & Pop Businesses
Websites for Craftsmen/women and Artists
Self-Published Authors
Learning & Development Seminars
Jazz and Classical Musicians
Conservative Political Campaigns
Organic Marketing Blueprints
Fundraising for Girls’ Associations
Organic Family Farms
Herbal Nutritional Supplements
Any project involving Veterans
NRA and 2nd Amendment Rights
100% American-made products

Due to comments from woke progressives, I’ve had to keep my portfolio under lock and key. One day, hopefully soon, those of us that say we want to Make America Great Again will stop being criticized for loving our country and its unique national identity. Request access via the contract form; it will track your digital ID, so be deliberate and purposeful in your word choices. I report those that are not.

The vaccine mandate is clearly illegal and every person should be protesting against it. No government or employer has any right to know your medical history, nor any right to demand you take any particular drugs to work for them. The Supreme Court noted in its 1992 Riggins V. Nevada decision that “the forcible injection of medication into a non-consenting person’s body represents a substantial interference with that person’s liberty.” https://www.maciverinstitute.com/2021/09/bidens-vaccine-mandate-is-grossly-unconstitutional/