America First: What it Means

by Rosanne Marie Ferreri

July 4, 2022

I believe that every man, woman and child deserves a free public education from kindergarten through high school and that it be focused on reading, writing, mathematics, science, history of the US, debate, theatre, music, and civic activities. Our children have a right to a carefree childhood, not one that sexualizes them and indoctrinates them into a globalist mindset. As a former high school English teacher who taught in the 80’s, I am utterly disgusted with the flagrant propaganda being passed off as curriculum in our public schools; Edward Bernays, who persuaded women to smoke by calling the cigarettes “freedom torches,” would be proud. I encourage parents to look up GEPA, created under Ronald Reagan; it has protections for parents that no person in our news cares to discuss.  I refer particularly to Section 434: Parental Involvement and the even better Section 438, Prohibition Against Federal Control of Education. There you will find the “ammunition” you require.

Section 438. Prohibition Against Federal Control of Education
This section clarifies that no provision of any applicable program is intended to authorize the federal government to exercise any “direction, supervision, or control over the curriculum, program of instruction, administration, or personnel of any educational institution, school, or school system,” or over the selection of “library resources, textbooks, or other printed or published instructional materials by any educational institution or school system.” Additionally, no provision of any applicable program shall be construed to authorize the federal government to require “the assignment or transportation of students or teachers in order to overcome racial imbalance.”

American First is moving in direct opposition to Build Back Better which commences with destruction as its aim. Progressives even created two terms to obfuscate the pain and suffering caused: creative destruction and solutions journalism. The latter was created by Bill Gates and the former by Mauro F. Gullen, author of 2030: How Today’s Biggest Trends will COLLIDE and RESHAPE the Future of Everything. The New World Order is, undeniably, a coup d’etat against all nations, not just the USA, to form a one-world government that controls your every action and thought. To this effort, they allowed our NIH, CDC, and FDA with the help of the WHO and UN plus the WEF to make a virus at UNC-Chapel Hill, NC, move it to the CCP, playacted its release at Event 201, before UNLEASHING it for the purpose of depopulation.

There were female whistleblowers, like Jane Burgermeister and Michele Sterling, to the many times those at Davos discussed depopulation under the umbrella of “sustainability,” such as Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and Al Gore. But, the patriarchy refused to listen to these women.  Klaus Schwab is captured on video saying he wants to chip people and Noah Yuval Harari says with no conscience, “What do we need so many humans for?” The escalating price of meat is intentional; they want to force you to eat a plant-based diet and bugs. The escalating price of gas is intentional; they own stock in electric cars and want to profit from the change. The bogus warnings against making your own baby food are to prevent healthy children and an increase in population.  

The actual science is proving those that were vaccinated and double boosted are dying from blood clots the size of a fist: Secretive meetings at Davos were once at Bohemian Grove; look at the act of genocide caused by giving them unfettered power:

America First means those in the NIH, FDA and CDC do not get unfettered funding, nor the ability to hide how those funds are used, as they have done with the making of covid and the CRISPR program. Fauci does not get to beat his chest and say, “I am the science!” I, like many, do not believe the human genome needs slicing and dicing to make transhuman creatures. I believe God did a splendid job with Adam and Eve. I don’t want our NIH using taxpayer or any funds to create “chimeras” which are half-human and half animal. Bioethicists have been few and far between, since these programs were funded. In fact, they appear to be paid off to keep mute. We need to ask ourselves why our elected officials did not question a decade’s worth of patents to make a chimeric virus; nobody cared enough to inquire?We funded our own genocide. We paid the NIH to make covid and monkeypox, which is really a variant of smallpox. I do not think we need to normalize cloning, even if China is 100% on board. I additionally, do not think artificial intelligence robots should be made en masse to replace 85 million jobs by 2030. Giving Sophia “citizenship” is preposterous. She is nothing more than an animatronic puppet and a Stepford wife is not what children, husbands, or society as a whole needs.

American First means that those within our borders get priority. It’s just like taking care of your own family first. We must end “nation building” which has increased hatred for the USA and been an abysmal failure. If other countries want our way of life, they will voluntarily adopt it! Most of us know the real reason we invade is to have easy access to minerals and oil, and we are tired of our sons and daughters paying the ultimate price when we could be energy independent using what is on our own soil.  Every country should self govern. Every country should have its own army. We should only use our military when we have been attacked and we know beyond a shadow of a doubt we will be successful engaging in war. In other words, no more “weapons of mass destruction hiding in the sand” lies by globalists who profit.

America First means we do not allow censorship to exist in print, on TV or online and we do not allow our elections to be rigged by mail-in ballots, corrupt poll workers, or machines than can switch outcomes. We cannot allow the Committee of 300– the self-proclaimed “Olympians”– to dictate the terms of life on this planet. Yes, our election was rigged to start this totalitarian New World Order/Fourth Reich.

I am the author of Stolen Election Novella:

This is what I propose we do starting July 4, 2022: We need to AFFIRM the following:

  1. Our freedoms and liberties come from God. That is what makes them unalienable, non-negotiable and undeniableIf they came from our government, they could be banished with an executive order. Stay vigilant and do not let your guard down: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
  2. Eradicate Critical Race Theory in schools and the workplace. Make it illegal to push the concept than any one race is superior or inferior. No one is holding you back but yourself. Take accountability for your life. Blame no one for your failings.
  3. Eradicate all questions about race, gender, pronouns, deference to any ethnic background on job applications. If we want equality, we must stop having applications that ask irrelevant questions, other than SKILLS.
  4. Eradicate censorship of conservatives on social media and in the news with a punishing fine. Censorship is an illness that has infected our free and open society. Do not be politically correct, be perfectly candid. PC was created to silence dissenters. It is a term created by a communist dictator to China called Mao.
  5. Eradicate the globalist NWO mindset, call it what it is: Dishonor of Homeland. Return to Patriotism and Nationalism. Take care of your family, then community, then larger society. Who can take a person seriously if they care more about poverty overseas than in the inner cities of the USA? Eradicate the illusion of compassion. Start nation building right in the USA first.
  6. Eradicate “white guilt.” My great grandfather was only ten at the time of the Civil War and when he arrived in the USA from Sicily as man, he bought eight city blocks and put a vegetable garden on it and SHARED with those in trouble during the Great Depression. I have no guilt nor do my ancestors.
  7. Eradicate transgenderism focus in public schools. Once your child has a sex change they will never be parents. Surgery makes them sterile. The goal of the WEF is to make all of us the last generation of humans on the planet. That is reprehensible.
  8. Eradicate the CRISPR “change-the-human-genome” project. It is amoral to cut up a fetus [vivisection] and use it for medical experimentation for the CRISPR program.
  9. Eradicate the cashless society mindset. Every nation should have its own currency. We do not need to create a new one-world money so the top 1%ers can engage in even bigger “too big to fail” Ponzi schemes.
  10. Eradicate woke-ism in the military. The purpose of a soldier is to capture and kill, not to focus on fashion! What you want and how you feel has nothing to do with military life. You are there to fulfill a mission.
  11. Eradicate the progressive “free money” mindset. Balance our budget nationally, as families do. There is no such thing as “free”; there is an offset of cost, time, energy to everything on this planet.
  12. Eradicate Digital ID, vaccine passports and any attempt to chip people to track their medical history. Medical privacy must be reinstated. We don’t need CEOs taking out pauper policies on their employees, capitalizing on injury and death!
  13. Eradicate government control of school curriculum. That is illegal according to GEPA. No government agency can by law dictate what is taught in any public or private school. Section 438. Prohibition Against Federal Control of Education.
  14. Eradicate any attempt to alter the 2nd amendment; we have a right to protect ourselves from imminent threat, foreign and domestic, by lethal force, if necessary.
  15. Eradicate climate change hysteria; it is a fake narrative to push AI technology owned by those in the WEF who stand to profit handsomely. Look up the Club of Rome.
  16. Eradicate abortion on demand in the second and third trimester. Women can take the day after pill if raped; women can have an amniocentesis within the FIRST trimester to see if a baby has two heads, no spine, severe abnormalities. There is no good reason to wait beyond ten weeks. 
  17. Make attending the WEF to discuss altering the world into a one-world NWO government a federal crime. Make secret societies that make plans for world domination behind the backs of those they are sworn to serve illegal.
  18. Eradicate all attempts to take away property rights. Property is not a burden; it is the foundation of American society. I see no reason for those in the WEF to own all land and homes, making the masses into renters for life.
  19. Eradicate all attempts to end US energy independence with forced dependence on foreign oil.
  20. Eradicate all voting machines. Return to hand ballots that are marked and saved for recounts. All voting areas should have cameras rolling 24-7 until the last ballot is counted.
  21. The beef and poultry industry must be strengthened and rewarded for ORGANIC free-range animal husbandry. We have incisors and were designed to eat meat. The demand for plant-based diet is based on digital printers made by WEF companies. If those in the WEF want to eat bugs, bless their hearts, let THEM!
  22. Fine all social media and news companies for cancelling accounts that opposed their FAKE narratives on covid and the “reset.” They can afford a hefty fine, making $5,700/second on PPC funnel schemes.
  23. It is up to women to make rape, abortion and pedophilia a crime worth the death penalty. In 4,000 years men have not made it their top priority.
  24. We must not allow men to create an all-male world, where there are men, men made into women with hormones, children made in AI wombs and female robots like “Sophia.” The irony is her name means “Wisdom of God.”