I have written two earth shaking books, one of which is a 136 page novella of political fiction written under the pseudonym of Spitfire Sicilian, the name taken by the main character. I have created a website for this book with easy download from the home page:

First read the novella, and then read all of the factual articles on the website. Fiction matches fact in stories our MSM has deliberately censored from TV, radio, print and internet since January of 2020. This novella was started during lockdown, and the website is kept current daily, as new stories arise.

The second is a 232 page book about the strong women of the Bible who refused to obey ungodly man-made laws and abysmal edicts from kings and saved their society from utter and total destruction. It is available via the following website:

I cover both the OT and the NT, revealing the names of women never once mentioned from Sunday pulpits, including poems and a play to help the reader memorize their names. The photographs at the very end prove women more than assisted; they led. Without these women, the Bible would lack a cohesive timeline of faith!