Censorship of Conservatives

Progressives have had a field day of late destroying the foundations upon which our country and family are built. From destroying national landmarks to demanding books with sexual images and sodomy be including in school libraries, every part of their Marxist agenda is amoral. The “Great Reset” is a gross regret for the citizens of the USA and every country that buys into the globalist vision held by the WEF, for their aim is to cannibalize private property in the hands of an elect few in the 1% and enslave the majority. It is important to remember that the Bible does not tell Christians to be PC; it tells them to be discerning and remain separate. Women of the Bible repeatedly stood up to the male leaders of their time, even kings and pharaohs, and said, “No. You are wrong. We follow God first.”

Is it true that we are not to judge and tolerate abortions, and gender fluidity, and censorship, and forced vaccination and chipping? No, that is not what the BIBLE says at all. Man may say that, but not God.

Puah and Shiprah stood up to an Egyptian king and refused to commit abortion. Bithiah defied the Pharoah and saved Moses’ life. Zipporah kept a promise her husband forgot. The Daughters of Zelophad demanded their fair share. Deborah led when Barak succumbed to fear. Jael took a peg and killed a man determined to destroy her village. Delilah exposed a weak man who would not keep his Nazarene vow and played heedless pranks. Hannah consistently prayed for a child despite years of being barren and got one. Abigail saved her village from a rash King David. Judith slayed when the men cowered in fear and protected the women from being captured and raped. Vashti (God bless her) refused to dance erotically before the king’s men. She simply refused to come when called. Esther did not shirk from saving her people, even though her uncle caused the crisis by refusing to bow and allowing his own ego to get the best of him. A young Mary said: “Yes, Lord. I am willing to bear your child knowing that others will consider him out of wedlock.” Tabitha and Rhoda, Thekla, Drusiana and Maxilla were not afraid of the pagans of their day; they were said to be FIERCE as LIONS. Brave folllowers of Christ began a church at the side of a lake or in their own homes. So did Lydia, Priscilla, Tryphena and Tryphosa, Junia, Apphia, Eunice and Lois, Claudia, Prassede and Pudenziana, Cyria, and the wives of Peter and Paul!

Remember this: “Christ set us free, so that we should remain free; then do NOT let yourselves be fastened again to the yoke of slavery.” (Galatians 5:1)

There is no good reason to shirk from controversy; in fact the term PC is derogatory. It was created by Chairman MAO to silence dissenters. Since Joe Biden took office, conservatives have been kicked off Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, castigated for exercising free speech and questioning the norm. Will you sit silently by and allow them to keep you muted? I surely hope not. Get busy and demand equal representation.

I refuse to accept the following “new normal”: gender fluidity, “Critical Race Theory,” denigration of our men in blue and our veterans, BLM, Christianity called “the cult of man,” or censorship.

I do believe: God made two genders–male and female; our freedoms and liberties come from God as a gift and our country was built by those seeking to be free, black lives do not matter more than those of any other races, Satanism is the actual cult and its urge toward hedonism and sexual perversion is as old as the Methusalah Tree–4,850 years.

Case: NC-5J8-YY4                                                                              4/2/2022

RE: Censorship on C-span Washington Journal from 2000-2022

A public program, funded with taxpayer dollars, has the obligation to follow the laws set forth in our first Amendment. “Freedom of Speech” is the right to express opinions without government restraint. It comes from the term parrhesia which means to speak freely. On a basic level, it also means that people can express their option without fear of censorship, without fear of being cut off and defamed on TV with the label “conspiracy theorist”… when all indications point to a statement of fact.

C-span Washington Journal has been using its platform to hide the truth about the origin of Build Back Better, which was crafted by the World Economic Forum and its self-appointed leader, Klaus Schwab. In fact, the mere mention of Klaus Schwab will get any caller kicked off the air within seconds. I know, because it has happened to me every time I’ve called in the past two years. His is the “name that cannot be said.” The WEF website, however, uses the term build back better in addition to laying out a totalitarian plan to chip people, remove privacy, remove property, make cyber coding the only job option, eliminate 85 million jobs due to AI, eliminate gasoline, force people to move to megacities, eat bugs and printer-made food, and more.

Klaus Schwab: Humans will be chipped: https://youtu.be/UmQNA0HL1pw

Klaus’ right-hand man, Yuval Noah Harari, says we are the last generation of humans, all others will be cyborgs. We are “hackable” he says. https://youtu.be/EIVTf-C6oQo

Ben Swann warned us about DARPA to control our thoughts: His program got kicked off the air. https://youtu.be/x-FMRIqzH6I  

The Science Channel created a program on chips in the brain: https://youtu.be/P674CG9mOTs

All of the above is discussed at the WEF https://youtu.be/Uio8X1h0H-E  but it is forbidden to be discussed on C-span WJ.C-span Washington Journal has fervently denied the existence of the Council on Eugenics and the WEF depopulation plan. The following video allowed an English translation until mid 2020, and now there is only one copy left online in Italian. I translated it prior to it being redacted by C-span and took screen shots. Since then, I have learned never to tell them where I found an article, for within the hour it goes “page missing 404.” [Youtube has also revised its search to hide videos formerly visible.]

Here is the translation: “Once the masses accept the compulsory vaccination, that’s it! They will accept transfusion or organ donations for the “greater good.” We can genetically modify children and sterilize them for the “greater good.” Control the minds of the sheep and you control the flock. Vaccine manufacturers can make money; today, many of you in this room are investors. It is a great win! Let us deflate the masses and the masses will pay us to provide the extermination services.” https://brandnewtube.com/watch/kissinger-al-2009-who-council-on-eugenics-vaccini-per-sterilizzare-il-gregge_KGuDpJ3XciLyRo8.html 

C-span WJ moderators—John, Pedro and Greta—will not allow anyone to bring up Event 201, funded by the WEF and Bill Gates to playact the release of a bat virus. They call actual events “conspiracy theory.” If that is so, why does this website exist as evidence of that meeting in October of 2019? Playact is a term they use, as is actors. Why are they trying to hide that the event transpired right before the pandemic?

When I said in the attached audio clip: “January 6th was a symbol of anger against the New World Order Coup on our Nation crafted at the World Economic Forum by Klaus Schwab and the Committee of 300. Look them up.”  I was cut off immediately and told by John my words were a “conspiracy theory. “

Does C-span really think the Committee of 300 isn’t a known entity? The CIA has a document in its own archives about the Committee of 300. Dr. John Coleman is an author, researcher, and lecturer and has written and published more than 500 monographs on a wide variety of subjects. His 35 years of intensive study of congressional documents has given him an in-depth understanding of the complexities that make up the United States Constitution. CLIP https://www.c-span.org/video/?c5008592/user-clip-cspanwj-censorship

If Australians can talk about what is going on in other countries, why can’t C-span WJ in the United States of America?

For two years now C-span WJ has controlled the narrative and dismissed, denigrated, and defamed those who asked pertinent questions that all Americans deserve an answer to, such as:

  1. Who is Klaus Schwab? Why is he at the helm? Who put him there?
  2. Conversion Law: Mandated Acceptance of Transgenderism or Jail Time. It’s happening.
  • What of Hunter Biden’s funding of Ukraine Biowarfare Labs, C-span WJ? Crickets. https://banned.video/watch?id=622a1c6df235516385a1de92
  • What of depopulation talk by Bill Gates: 1.5 billion people need to die, he says: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWxsEAmh85Q&feature=emb_imp_woyt
  • Why was the NIH working on a gain of function virus/biowarfare weapon…and shouldn’t they be charged with crimes against humanity for the deaths caused? Why can’t we discuss the origin of covid on C-span WJ? Why won’t you ever discuss the PATENTS?
  • Why have you never mentioned, C-span WJ, that in addition to playacting a bat virus release, the WEF has also playacted a cyber attack with “covid-like characteristics”?
  • https://youtu.be/-0oZA1B3ooI Again, pure fact. It’s on the WEF website.
  • Why are you pushing a climate emergency that doesn’t exist according to 500 scientists who wrote a letter against the aims of the Club of Rome? https://youtu.be/GpVBH-HY5Ow

In sum, in the beginning was logos, the word, and from chaos was designed order. Our entire society depends upon the bubbling up of free thought, given to us by God alone. It is clear some men prefer dictatorial lockstep devoid of free thought, but that is not of God. That is a man made condition born of the ego. Do I hear an amen? And so it is.