Christian Values

 I wrote Redacted, No Longer! in 2007 and in it I described the Tree of Life and how the study of it was only allowed by those who has mastered the law first. It was considered too “dangerous” to allow just anyone to study. I argued then that it should be studied and learned by all. I am not so sure about that now, in 2022. It is evident that sacred teachings in the wrong hands have terrible consequences. It should only be in the hands of students of the Bible not psychopaths who want to destroy faith.

The Tree of Life is being used in 2022 by rash individuals to amplify only severity and war-like behavior, to the exclusion of all other characteristics and qualities. The Tree of Life has been so severely pruned it has become a weapon, but it was never designed to be such.

The Tree of Life is also an energy catalyst, used in the design of all of the major churches to heal, not to be used as an oracle into the future to find out if you will win a war or the next sweepstakes lottery.  The heart chakra is usually where you will find the altar and calls to the altar heal the sick, cause the lame to walk, and restore the soul, when it is used PROPERLY.

“Where there is unbalanced force, there is the origin of evil,” says the Kabbalah.

The same is true of the chakra system, and the reason people pray is not to change God’s mind, but to become more in alignment with God’s will. Praying, chanting, saying the rosary, looking at a mandala, burning incense and sitting in silence—all try to get YOU out of a state of limitation, anger, stress and fear to restore balance.

The Tree of Life should be considered a symbol for your body. At your feet are the roots of the tree called Malchut, considered to be the entrance to the Kingdom within; moving up is the Yesod, or the sexual organs that permit you to leave a legacy. At your naval is the chakra for training in wise judgment, and opposite it is Hod, which gives you sufficient self-esteem to do the right thing even when it’s difficult. At the throat is Chesed where you find mercy and acceptance of others and opposite it is Gevurah, which reminds you that every act you take has repercussions. Tifereth is your heart, a place of insight and the location of beauty and love. The Chokmah and Binah work with the Holy Spirit at the crown of your head; they stand for two types of wisdom; male acquisition of knowledge called Chokmah is tempered by female Binah, known as Wisdom in the Old Testament. All of these sephirah (also called chakras) make up the Kingdom of God within you. The goal is to climb the tree, progressing through the pathways, to unite your heart and soul with God’s will. The top of the tree is not more important than the bottom; the right side of the tree is not more important than the left or visa versa; you must try to achieve balance at every level to make progress in this all-important soul work.

Luke 11:36 says: “Therefore if your whole body is full of light and no part of it is dark, it will be completely lighted, as when the light of a lamp shines on you.”

Unfortunately, those that want to live without God, arrogantly thinking a  laboratory and white lab coats and beakers are all there is to life…have torqued the goal of balance into a desire for total control over God and mankind. All persons were to combine receptivity and assertiveness, softness and firmness, feeling and clear thinking, and we not supposed to have to mutilate their bodies to achieve it. Those that want to reduce humans to hackable animals, as Noah Yuval Harari has stated is the end game, eradicating all belief in the soul, want to live apart from God. They want to achieve balance by mutilating their bodies becoming both transhuman and transgendered, saying they are “building something even better than God created”  in an AI womb. Besides engaging in apostasy and creating abominations, they are testing God’s patience for insolence, and I think we all know how well that goes, simply by reading the Old Testament and New. In essence, those in the “New World Order” have purposefully created a generation of those who are truly lost; they don’t know their own identity. They send their children to school pretending they are cats wearing cat ears and tail costumes. They are of the false belief that their child wants to be a boy when she’s a girl and visa versa, simply for picking up a truck instead of a doll.

This generation doesn’t like the focus on mammon of its predecessors, but hasn’t quite figured out how to buy food without it!

They have lost their identities and wander as if  characters in the movie “Night of the Living Dead” and they have an inordinate interest in zombies, vampires, and things of darkness instead of light, for they have lost the light. The truly unfortunate part is they are teaching children to fracture their souls with a metauniverse and acts of sodomy that denigrate the way a male and female were created and designed to make love. They have with deliberate design turned the God-given Kabbalah and Chakra system UPSIDE DOWN and removed the Godhead entirely. If you compare their flag with the above, you will see what I mean. They have made the CARNAL [red/Malchut] all important and put the holy last.

As for 99% of our churches…they have lost their way and fallen down on the job on two occasions. First, they have embraced transgenderism, which means they reject God’s intelligent design for male and female. Secondly, they have embraced tranhumanism, which means they embrace the NWO and wish to usurp a role reserved for God alone. Men were not meant to achieve immortality with drugs, surgery and technology. Churches have, in my opinion, become nothing more than money-making mills that support the status quo to get a tax break. They are modern day Cannanites, worshiping false Gods and golden calf of “science.”

The mRNA altering vaccine should have enraged ministers and priests. Their silence is clearly tacit approval. This is the very reason Jesus put the law in our hearts and minds and ripped the temple curtain at the moment of his death on the cross, so we would have direct access to God and never again be led astray by men in fancy robes and seats of power.

Ministers should be saying, “The issue is with your heart and mind, so stop focusing on exterior changes that are superficial. Your woke demands for 58 pronouns will never make you whole. Stop fracturing your soul and you will find the real peace you actually seek.”

Lastly, this is a photo of a baby at ten weeks. Does it look like a random batch of cells to you? Do you honestly want women to abort after the 10th week, with baby organs then vivisectioned and sent to various CRISPR labs for gene experimentation? I pray you say “NO.”

Rosanne Ferreri, Author
Redacted, No Longer! and Stolen Election Novella
aka Spitfire Sicilian