In My Free Time

I am a first soprano vocalist, who loves Italian and French arias and sacred Christian music. I was classically trained by a coach in Illinois who gives lessons to those in the Chicago Lyric Opera & Music of the Baroque. He demanded breath control and vigorous rehearsal before every lesson and performance. I learned how to save energy for that final note and how to pace myself.

Here is My Heart, Lord
Come to Me/Softly and Tenderly

I like to take a bolt of fabric that could become a thousand things and make something with my own hands. I was taught from an early age by my mother on a Singer treadle machine, making a majority of my own clothes by high school. I have a long waist and long legs, so it was easier to make items to fit my own body, buying a bolt that would make a dress, a skirt or several blouses. It is wonderful to know how to make your own patterns so as not to be dependent upon what you find off the rack in stores, in pantone colors you may/may not like. I had my own wedding line, Rose Ferreri Couture, from 2012-2017, comprised of wedding veils, jackets, and “fascinator” hats.

Gardening is therapeutic. Weeding is like vaccuuming outside to me. [Weeding moves along even faster if you imagine the invader vines are your least favorite politician…] I like the end results—tidy rows—so I like the process too. I specialize in old-fashioned English roses. Not one of my David Austen roses has ever had killer “black spot.” I also love blue morning glories and fragant moon flowers. My husband made the pergola below for me, and we were married beneath it two years later. Lastly, my husband and I love to dance to a specialty of Tango music— the nuevo/new Tango. The beauty of the Buenos Aires Nuevo Tango is that it requires creative expression and musical interpretation, not the usual boring seven steps, danced in a spontaneous manner, a la fresca.

I bring this same level of creativity and dedication to all of my marketing plans.