Redacted, No Longer!

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For 4,000 years, the Catholic Church has been hammering into our psyche one consistent blow: “Patriarchy is God’s Plan.”  This message has been seeded and relentlessly sown by male priests who refuse to let women lead but often lead all of society off track!

Keep in mind that the Bible would be a very short text, barely a novella, if it were not for two midwives, Puah and Shiprah, who refused to comply with a king’s direct orders to commit genocide.

We have women who are standing up today to stop the CRISPR gene editing program, the gain of function studies by the NIH which are really a biowarfare plan, and late term abortions. The women of the OT and NT would be proud of you! They refused to accept the rules of men instead of the rules of GOD too!

Anyone who knows even a smidgin about the Bible knows that a statue to Molech is an apostasy, and one has just been erected in the Roman Colosseum, as this article demonstrates…

I first published this book in 2011, then added to it in 2017, revised it in 2020, and republished it on my birthday in 2021.