Redacted, No Longer!

Time and again, the prophets wanted God’s male leaders to refrain from setting themselves up for failure by installing a “king.” They would not listen. Time and again, it was a woman who responded to God’s call and saved society from annihilation. Let all who have ears, hear

I first published this book in 2011, then added to it in 2017, revised it in 2020, updated it with NWO cautionary warnings on June 22, 2022.

Women are called to rise up and be leaders in their church and in society. The Bible would be a very short book indeed, barely even a novella at 65 pages, if it were not for two quick-thinking women named Puah and Shiprah who defied the edict of a king and saved Hebrew children from extinction.

The women I unearthed have actual names. They have been redacted and made insignificant no longer. They are more than the wife of…they are leaders who held society together in spite of those who held prestigious titles and crowns.