Resist the NWO

I know this is going to be hard for some of you to hear, but for two years now a vaccine with deadly side effects has been foisted upon us by those we should have been able to trust [FDA, CDC, NIH, WHO]. They made a virus more virulent in NC, moved it to China to get around the US moratorium, then unleashed it on a unsuspecting public, AFTER repeatedly discussing depopulation at the World Economic Forum/Davos and playacting its release at Event 201 in New York City in October of 2019. It has been illegal to demand the vaccine from the get-go and those who yet demand in 2023 “proof of vaccination” should just as well say, “We demand you commit suicide to work here.” Autopsies are proving that people are dying from massive blood clots in their brain, legs, arms and heart. So, for Pete’s, stop quoting the CDC and NIH that made the virus and vaccine and stand to substantially profit from its sale!

  • History will not be kind to the makers of GOF viruses.
  • History will not be kind to the makers of mRNA “vaccines.”
  • History will not be kind to the hospitals, doctors and nurses that danced in choreography, as people suffered.
  • History will not be kind to employers who mandated the vaccine to work and demanded health records that infringed on privacy.
  • History will not be kind to our MSM that silenced the truth and caused many to suffer and die.
In the story of “Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut the attempt to impose “equality” proves deadly.

Here is the terrible plan being called “The New World Order”:

  • Transgenderism = to make children impotent
  • Transhumanism = to control thought and actions via an implanted chip
  • No meat = to limit strength and brain growth
  • No privacy = to control your mobility
  • Climate change = limit family size, limit mobility, limit diet
  • Vaccines = for depopulation
  • Destruction of God = to force allegiance to NWO principles only
  • AI wombs = to destroy the role of motherhood
  • Bitchain money = to control your choices
  • Loss of free speech = Big Brother will tell you what to think
  • AI cyber coding = to create your own AI replacement
  • AI teachers = to control what children are taught
  • Normalization of aberrant family forms to destroy morality
  • Forced acceptance of mandates from WHO
  • Loss of rights and liberties that are God given
  • Metauniverse toys to keep dissidents “comfortably numb.”
  • Men, men made into women and women as robots [for the men at the WEF who planned this “Fourth Industrial Revolution” cannot take criticism!]
  • Endless wars, because destruction of the entire planet is desired to “build back better.”

Nuremberg 2.0 has begun without the USA, for our very own NIH is one of the CRIMINALS who engaged in Crimes Against Humanity!

Grand Jury: Day 1:

Grand Jury: Day 2:

[Day Two describes how elderly were forced to die off early to serve WEF depopulation agenda. Start at 3:31:00. “They are killing them.”]

Grand Jury: Day 3:

Grand Jury: Day 4:

Grand Jury: Day 5:

[Day Five describes how banking moguls at the WEF planned to collapse our world economies to start a “Great” Reset. Quite clearly they meant to say GROSS REGRET.]

Grand Jury: Day 6:

Grand Jury: Day 7:

The North Carolina UNC + Pfizer connection w/Pentagon help can no longer be denied:

The concept of a “reset” is not new. The world’s elite have destroyed civilizations before and they are doing it again. Buildings stand that could not be made by the people of those times, the 1800’s saw a vast number of orphans with countless adults eliminated, and architecture speaks to the existence of ether used for a free energy system we are not allowed to have today. Open your eyes and question everything.