Resist the NWO

Pfizer is exposed for creating mutating viruses to profit from vaccines that provide the faux “cure” on 1/26/2023.

History will not be kind to the makers of GOF viruses. History will not be kind to the makers of mRNA “vaccines.” History will not be kind to the hospitals, doctors and nurses that danced in choreography, as people suffered. History will not be kind to employers who mandated the vaccine to work. If that offends you, I guess you needed to be offended.

Nuremberg 2.0 has begun.

Grand Jury: Day 1:

Grand Jury:Day 2: [It is a fact that many of our elderly were forcibly injected and video taped as they went into respiratory failure, required to die off early to hide the world bankers’ crime of cannibalizing social security funds. Start at 3:32:15]

Grand Jury: Day 3:

Grand Jury: Day 4:

Grand Jury: Day 5: [The NWO plan is to destroy the economy to give total control to the WEF. Their depopulation aims were stated at Davos.]

Grand Jury: Day 6:

Grand Jury: Day 7:

Covid was a a plandemic, acted out at the WEF and Gates sponsored Event 201 in October of 2019 and they have another lockdown planned over “climate change.”

How will we ever forgive the planners of this New World Order?

The New World Order should rightly be called the FOURTH REICH, not the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” WATCH: How Germany REALLY took over Austria and then learn about the new Biden Death Panels. Then, act accordingly.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4: