Stolen Election

A short passage from the novella:

“Back in camp, nobody spoke for a very long time. It was apparent something would have to be done; they had been discovered. They could wait for more of the same to arrive or they could go out and meet the enemy when it wasn’t prepared for them.  Adam and Eve were like the majority in Statesland; they had done everything possible to avoid confrontation with the New World Order tyrants; they had moved from one cabin to a second, traipsed through the woods to find this incredible refuge—a haven of peace amid a world gone mad. But, the world clearly would not leave them alone. In fact, the world was imposing its perversions upon them, with men acting like women and women acting like men; transgenderism and transhumanism freaks with super human strength were being made that had no conscience and could kill indiscriminately. Children had been forced to wear masks and teachers had duct taped them to their faces to impose brutal authority; parents had been told their children were not their own and their bodies were owned by the state to vaccinate repeatedly if those in charge deemed it would reduce population and increase impotence.  About half of the employers had tried to force people to be vaccinated via federal and state mandates that were obviously illegal and just a ruse for this worldwide eugenics plan; many of them died taking the untested drugs. Other employers had stood up to the New World Order tyrants and refused to comply, stalwart soldiers reminiscent of the very first patriots. They had lived to see a new day. The masses had become like Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, forced to break into grocery stores for food and basic personal necessities to live. It was impossible to live as a peaceable people when there was an outside enemy that refused to leave them alone. They had all been backed into a corner and, as anyone knows, a cornered animal will fight back with teeth bared to protect its young…”

“All of the US news stations were a tightly woven web…designed to capture the truth and kill it.”

Think you know what happened in 2020? Think again…