Why I Won’t Use Pay-Per-Click or Amazon Marketplace

There is no doubt in my mind that in the coming months we will hear more about FB and Google analytics stats that proves PPC is a waste of money.

Cathy O’Neill’s book shows how buying your way around the velvet rope without providing a value-added service is really just a new form of flim-flam snake oil. The average increase in sales is a minimal four percent, after how many dollars are put down the PPC funnel?

Content is king and will always be, because it seeks to provide the information a client truly craves. Learn to explain what you do like you are talking to a Martian who has never been on our planet before; don’t explain what you do in impressive industry banter and jargon, which you may portray you as an expert, but only serves to confuse the many.

Weapons of MATH Destruction explains why you should get back to the basics of good marketing and stop looking for the next flash-in-the-pan marketing scheme. Slow and steady won the race between the tortoise and the hare, and it is still as true today.

In addition, I would also invite you to read Monopolized by David Dayen, prior to considering marketing on Amazon. David says he is a progressive and liberal, but his attitude toward the internet is decidedly conservative. Yes, I think we need to put the skids on all of liberal companies like FB, Twitter and Amazon who are engaging in a predatory version of capitalism.