Traditional Values

This article is for those of faith, people who believe that there is an all-knowing, ominiscient God, who made us in his image to do great things and told us to avoid the perverse.

Biblical principles state there are two genders—male and female—complementary, not duplicates, and not interchangeable. It is clear to any who have studied the Bible and read it for themselves —vs. those who sit in a pew and hear bits and pieces once a week in a sermon produced by others—that our world is imbalanced due to gender bending, cross dressing, gender surgery mutiliation, race baiting which is now called CRT, child sex trafficking and pedophilia.

Contrary to woke popular culture, Jesus was not accepting of all lifestyles; he told many to “go and sin no more” and “pick up your bed and walk” in other words, “do for yourself”; he called rabbis “vipers” and took the time to braid a whip to teach them a lesson on temple worship. Jesus healed those willing to change but ruthlessly told the dead in spirit to bury the dead in flesh. In addition, when the apostles were under persecution, he told them to sell their second cloak and buy a dagger, for knew [given his radical ideology] he would soon be captured and would not be able to resurrect them, as he had with Lazarus. If you are 21 yrs or older, it is time you read this book for yourself with your own eyes.

I wrote Redacted, No Longer! in 2007 and in it I described the Tree of Life and how the study of it was only allowed by those who has mastered the law first. It was considered too “dangerous” to allow just anyone to study. I argued then that it should be studied and learned by all. I am not so sure about that now, in 2023. It is evident that sacred teachings in the wrong hands have terrible consequences. It should only be in the hands of students of the Bible not psychopaths who want to destroy faith and replace it with artificial intelligence.

The Tree of Life has been so severely pruned it has become a weapon, but it was never designed to be used for nefarious gain. The Tree of Life is an energy catalyst, used in the design of all of the major churches to heal, not to be used as an oracle into the future to find out if you will win a war or the next election.  

The heart chakra is usually where you will find the altar, and calls to the altar heal the sick, cause the lame to walk, and restore the soul. Here is an example from Chartres Cathedral in France:

“Where there is unbalanced force, there is the origin of evil,” says the Kabbalah.

The identical energy catalyst is true of the chakra system; the real reason people pray is not to change God’s mind, but to become more in alignment with God’s will. Praying, chanting, saying the rosary, looking at a mandala, burning incense and sitting in silence—all try to get you out of a state of limitation, anger, stress and fear to restore balance. The chakra system was never designed to elevate fear, anger, hatred, violence, or demonic activity. But it, like the kabbalah, is being used for such. The good things God gave us are being used for evil in 2023.

The Tree of Life should be considered a symbol for your body.

At your feet are the roots of the tree called Malchut, considered to be the entrance to the Kingdom within; moving up is the Yesod, or the sexual organs that permit you to leave a legacy.

At your naval is the chakra for training in wise judgment, and opposite it is Hod, which gives you sufficient self-esteem to do the right thing even when it’s difficult.

At the throat is Chesed where you find mercy and acceptance of others and opposite it is Gevurah, which reminds you that every act you take has repercussions. Tifereth is your heart, a place of insight and the location of beauty and love.

The Chokmah and Binah work with the Holy Spirit at the crown of your head; they stand for two types of wisdom; male acquisition of knowledge called Chokmah is tempered by female Binah, known as Wisdom in the Old Testament.

All of these sephirah (also called chakras) make up the Kingdom of God within you. The goal is to climb the tree, progressing through the pathways, to unite your heart and soul with God’s will. The top of the tree is not more important than the bottom; the right side of the tree is not more important than the left; you must try to achieve balance at every level to make progress in this all-important soul work.

Luke 11:36 says: “Therefore if your whole body is full of light and no part of it is dark, it will be completely lighted, as when the light of a lamp shines on you.”

Advocates of the NWO have, with deliberate design and intention, turned the God-given Kabbalah and Chakra system UPSIDE DOWN and removed the Godhead entirely; notice there is no white for PURITY in the LGBQT flag.

God’s plan is to have us combine receptivity and assertiveness, softness and firmness, feeling and clear thinking, and we not supposed to have to mutilate our bodies to achieve this. Those that want to reduce humans to hackable animals, as Noah Yuval Harari has stated, and are advocates of sex change surgery for children and teens, have missed the mark. It is INTERNAL BALANCE you are to achieve, not whittling away at body parts or applying heavy makeup to appear feminine.

Men were made stronger and more muscular to be hunters and gatherers and women were designed to bear children and support the family. No matter how the woke try, they will never eradicate the design made by God for sustainable, wholesome living that populates the planet.

The focus on the lowest level of wanton carnality is the reason so many celebrities are wearing the color red, flaunting it in fact, and walk a red carpet in Hollywood.

The model for today’s society comes from a little-known club that began in the UK called The Fabian Society, which combines Communism, Chinese military marching “lockstep” and pedophilia. Obama is a member of the Fabian Society, Forbes resported:

Until 2019, North Carolina allowed marriage as early as age FOURTEEN and several counties were deluged with non-residents rushing to the state to marry underaged girls:

It is a proven fact that babies born to girls younger than eighteen are at higher risk of death and poor development. A girl’s body is torn, bleeds, and hemorrages repeatedly from having sex too early.

Diversity and inclusion” should not include the perversions mentioned above and all of us should work to turn back the tide of wokeness that insists the perverse be normalized.

For conservative Christians, this is not a time to be politically correct; this is a time to be outspoken and protect children. If you do not agree with me, I would much prefer you not call or hire me. I will not support CRT or gender mutiliation.